“The 40-Year-Old Rapper” TV SHOW SEASON 1 TRAILERS

M.C. Extra Cheese has just turned 40. And he swears he will do whatever it takes to "make it"!

Join MCEC and his faithful DJ Nappy G as they hone their rap act in an epic quest to impress Sir Richard Branson.

Episode 1: The Birthday Party

It's MC Extra Cheese's 40th birthday and his closest friends--and frenemies--have come out to celebrate.

Episode 2: Lens Flair

MCEC hits the Big Time--as a photographer. Nappy G wants a crew.

Episode 3: Opportunisaurus Rex

MCEC gets in shape. Nappy G sulks in Europe with a beautiful stranger.

Episode 4: Fusion

You got your hip-hop in my jazz! You got your jazz in my hip-hop!

Episode 5: Revisions

Master of Consciousness Extra Cheese.

Episode 6: Milk Carton

Where in the world in MC Extra Cheese?

Coming soon... The thrilling 2-part season finale.